Privacy & Copyright Policies

Privacy Policy

Customer Login Details

The customer login details are securely stored in our database and not shared with any third party. The passwords are stored in encrypted hash forms and not even visible to the website admin or any other staff. It is NOT mandatory to register as a customer to make a purchase, you can checkout as a guest as well.

Our website has also been secured using SSL certificates enabling encryption of the data en route from customer’s browser to our servers, ensuring the information cannot be stolen on the way.

Credit card info

For card processing, you will be directed to our payment processing partner website and upon completion of transaction, redirected back to our site. You will not be required to enter card info on our own website. None of our staff will ask you for your card info.

Visitor Tracking

Visitor movements within our own website only are tracked using 3rd party tools including Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel. They may use cookies and other methods. The data is used for analysis of website traffic and by their marketing tools.

Personal Details

Customer info including name, email, mobile number and address are not sold to any 3rd party and securely stored in our database. They may however be used by us for advertisement purposes including for Facebook and Google marketing tools.

Copyright Policy

The Images used on our website are copyrighted and should not be reproduced or used without permission. The designs of the products are the intellectual property of the artisans who created them and should not be replicated.

Trademarks and Logos

3rd Party Logos and other trademarks are property of their respective owners. Their use on our website is to show our contractual associations with us and have been displayed with permission or under ‘Fair Use’ doctrine of copyright laws and WIPO framework. Logos used are of TCS Pvt Ltd(our shipping partner), Comodo Ltd (SSL Certificate provider).