Premium Hand Block Printed Ajrak – Double Paat – Minor fault

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Original Hand Block Printed Ajrak.

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  • Minor fault- Small Supplier code written on side with marker. Circled in photo
  • Premium Hand block printed ajrak. It goes through a centuries old traditional method of ajrak making.
  • Material – Cotton
  • Size (Approx) – LxW = 90 inches x  68 inches (7.5ft x 5.5ft)
  • Dye type– Natural plant based dyes.
  • Print Type- Hand Block printing.
  • Double Paat. (In Sindh villages double paat Ajrak is used, which basically means it is in Two halves joined together by stitching in the middle).
  • You can also buy this from our shop on Etsy at – PremiumCraftsAus

Important Product info

1. Wash Instructions– Traditional Ajraks whether ‘Table printed’ or ‘Block Printed’, give off slight polish when washed , especially in the first wash. They should only be hand washed separately in a tub. For modern ajraks that do not bleed color polish, please see ‘Polyster ajraks’ and ‘Linen Ajraks’ in our store.

2. Two side printing– Block printed ajraks are always hand printed on both sides. There is no front and back, it can be worn from either side.

3. Handwork imperfections – Please note that each ajrak is made by several hundred block prints, each done by hand. There may be minor dye spots here and there.  That is a hallmark of an original hand printed ajrak and not a fault. Please zoom in to view a closeup of the photo before ordering. We take utmost care in procuring quality prints, however minor spots etc are unavoidable in this product type. Such imperfections will not be considered as a reason for refund. For perfect symmetry and alignment, we have factory printed ‘Polyster ajraks’ and ‘Linen Ajraks’ in our store.

4. Market Trickery Alert– Ajraks usually being sold in shops in Pakistan are ‘Table prints’. Barring few exceptions, most shopkeepers are deceiving customers by describing those as ‘Block printed’. Our web store has a range of cotton table printed ajraks which are clearly specified as ‘table printed’ ones. Their price range usually is under rs. 1,400.Our natural dye block/hand printed ajrak range starts from Rs. 8,000 and goes upto rs. 20,000.

Disclaimer– Due to differences in screen settings across devices as well as photographic lighting sources, actual colors of the product might slightly vary compared to how they are visible on your screen.

Ajrak making process (3rd party video. By Business Insider)


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